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How do I prepare for a re-roofing project?

How do I prepare for a re-roofing project?

Step 1: Remove all fragile items

Remove all fragile items including mirrors, pictures, etc from the walls, ceilings, and shelves. These items can fall if not firmly attached. We suggest that you check to make sure that objects are securely attached to walls and surfaces. If in doubt, take down the object.

Step 2: Perimeter of your house

Remove all important items from around the perimeter of the house that could be hit by falling roofing debris, such as cars, boats, furniture, barbecues, plants, sculptures, etc.

Step 3: Prepared for noise

There will be constant hammering on your roof for up to 2 days, depending upon the size of your roof. You may wish to plan to spend time away on these days.

Step 4: Parking

Please park your cars on the street for the period between delivery of materials and completion of your roof. Our vendors must deliver your shingles using large trucks.

Step 5: Work Area

Please keep children and pets away from the work area until our cleanup crews are completely finished cleaning after your roof installation.

Step 6: Attic preparation

Please cover everything in your attic especially under the ridgeline.

Step 7: Cleaning

Our crews will perform cleaning during and after your roof installation. We use the most up to date cleaning equipment, such as rolling magnets, pin magnets, and metal detectors in our best effort to keep you safe. Please be advised that some stubborn nails may remain hidden in brush and grass around the house.

Step 8: Material removal

Signature Exteriors will send slightly more material than is noted on your contract or scope of work. Our goal is to ensure that we can complete your project in a timely manner. Any material left at the end of the project is property of Signature Exteriors.